Are you an attorney working on a case that involves employability, loss of earnings, and/or lost earning capacity? You may need a vocational expert. Paul Broadus is a leading Vocational Expert based in Los Angeles with over 35 years of experience in both civil and worker’s compensation cases. He has assisted on thousands of cases, both Plaintiff and Defense, in specialties that include personal injury, medical malpractice, discrimination, wrongful termination, and PTSD, and has testified in trial as an expert witness over 100 times in Superior and Federal Courts. There are many reasons to retain a vocational expert, and each case has its specific needs. Whether the plaintiff is able to return to their original occupation or is unable to work in ANY capacity, a vocational expert can help determine the lost earning capacity. Paul is happy to discuss your case in advance of any retention, at no charge, to see if it would be beneficial. Whether Plaintiff or Defense, hundreds of thousands of dollars are typically at stake, so it’s worth the time to consider whether a small investment in a vocational expert could make a big difference in the outcome.