Minimum Wage Increases and Loss of Earnings

The State of California’s Department of Industrial Relations has outlined the annual minimum wage increases that will take effect over the next few years. Although this is a statewide requirement, the actual increases vary by ordinances. Below is a comparison of the state’s specified increases and Los Angeles County’s actual increases. For cases that involve an employee who earns minimum wage, these increases are crucial in calculating future loss of earnings. Los Angeles County: State of California Department of Industrial Relations

Future Lost Earnings vs. Lost Earning Capacity

What is the difference is between Future Lost Earnings and Lost Earning Capacity? Clarifying these terms can have a big impact when analyzing a case and determining accurate calculations. According to the California Civil Jury Instructions: “To recover damages for future lost earnings, plaintiff must prove the amount of income/ earnings/ salary/ wages he/she will be reasonably certain to lose in the future as a result of the injury.” On the other hand, lost earning capacity is defined as “the loss of ability to earn money. To recover … Continue reading Future Lost Earnings vs. Lost Earning Capacity

$21 Million Jury Verdict

We have the honor of working alongside some great attorneys and firms in each case that we are involved in.  Below is a case highlight we wanted to share because it’s a perfect example of how that collaboration can be so beneficial. Paul recently testified in LA Superior Court (Santa Monica) in the case of Danielle Sinclair Laws v. Andrew Hsiao Chen.  After hearing all the testimony, the jury came back with an award of $21,657,000.  Paul was hired on … Continue reading $21 Million Jury Verdict

Immigration Status and Loss of Earnings

On August 17, 2016, Gov. Brown signed AB 2159, which provides that, in civil actions for personal injury or wrongful death, evidence of a person’s immigration status is not admissible and discovery of a person’s immigration status is not permitted. The bill also provides that these restrictions do not affect the standards of relevance, admissibility, or discovery under other specified provisions of law. This is a significant departure from existing law.  Up to now, the courts have been guided by the … Continue reading Immigration Status and Loss of Earnings