Which Experts Do You Need For Your Case?

A common question we get asked is: When is a team of experts needed? 

And, more specifically: When does a case need an Economist and Lifecare Planner in addition to a Vocational Expert? 

The quick answer is that the complex cases require multiple experts.

It is helpful to have both a Vocational Expert and an Economist on a case when there is not a simple difference in earning capacity; i.e., the client has benefit packages, including loss/reduction in retirement and 401k contributions, or it is a matter of self-employment or business valuation. If there is a simple comparison between pre-injury earnings and post-injury capacity, then an Economist may not be needed.

A Lifecare Planner is beneficial in cases where the client has significant limitations in ADLs, assistance may be needed with household services, and/or significant ongoing medical costs are likely to be involved. Situations where a Lifecare Planner probably won’t be essential include when the client’s injury has substantially resolved and further medical care is not likely to be needed.

Still not sure which combination is best for your case? Let us know and we’d be happy to discuss it with you.